Construction Cousins
Yellow Cousin
Green Cousin

About the Authors

SistersSisters Nicole Hicks and Stacie Majszak have always been passionate about the importance of family. They have dreamed of working together on a project to share this message, and in this process, they discovered a new love for writing children’s literature.

During the school year, Stacie works as a middle school counselor by day and mom to a sport and digger-loving son and doll-loving and scooter-riding daughter by night. She is most likely running around with her fun-loving kids, laughing and creating memories outside. During the summer, Stacie and her kids are usually found at the pool, swimming and soaking in the summer sun. In a perfect world, Stacie would be spending her time cooking gourmet meals and cleaning their house, but you will most likely see her working out, chasing and tickling her kids, or spending time with her husband.

When Nicole was in sixth grade, she set three life goals for herself: to become a wife, mother, and teacher. Well, as life, love, and hard work would have it, she has achieved all three. A big fan of the full circle ending, she now spends her days from September to early June instructing and infusing a love of reading and writing into her own classes of sixth grade Language Arts students. Her nights and summers are spent with her husband and two amazing children, a hockey-loving, digger-watching, snake-hunting son and her sweet little miss, who loves taking care of babies and playing around like a little mermaid in the pool. When not teaching, writing children’s books, or commuting around town, Nicole can be found working out, going to yoga, swimming in her pool, soaking up the sun, playing outside, or spending time at the family cottage (usually with her sister!).